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U9  42 Commerce Ave in Commerce Court   Ph: 6314 6645                             Please call to arrange an appointment     After hours emergency

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200 meters from train and bus station, behind Centrelink, next to TAFE colleges 100 meters from Dale Cottages

We believe in ethical standards and moral obligations

Official WA Seniors Card endorsed discount computer repair provider

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We believe everyone deserves the benefit of affordable computer service and user education.  Device stability and user knowledge make technology use enjoyable!

We are continually innovating in order to reduce repair costs!

We offer you our free ScanCircle computer diagnosis, which checks your computer in 10-15 seconds for the most common problems. [read more=Readmore less=Readless]Nothing will be installed or changed on your computer and no personal data is retrieved. If you enter your e-mail address, we can contact you in case of serious computer problems.

This is a tested and licenced software tool subscribed by us to help our staff and clients, fast and easy to use, anonymous and safe.[/read]

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We follow industry best practices that lead to thorough servicing.

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We extend your computer lifetime and provide operational knowledge that will make your technology use enjoyable!

Our mission at Armadale IT Support is to reduce repair and maintenance cost for end-users.

We achieve this by using process automation during servicing and providing a full-service description as part of our user education.Always happy to help smiling young man at office desk working on computer
Our services include:

Operating system transfer for faster equipment operation:

[read more=Readmore less=Readless]NBN connection test and repair on premises with carrier fault investigation
Line test for EFTPOS, Internet, Phone, Security, Fax
Virus and malware cleanup

Network repair: wireless and cable systems
Recovery: Data, photos, files, documents

Computer repair and telecommunication systems installation with troubleshooting
Telephone line and DSL service fault investigation and repair on site: business or home.[/read]

We provide full written service report and complete work description.
Servicing Armadale and surrounding suburbs as follows:[read more=Readmore less=Readless]
Bedfordale, Brookdale, Camillo, Champion Lakes, Forrestdale,
Harrisdale, Haynes, Hilbert, Karragullen, Kelmscott, Lesley, Mount Nasura, Mount Richon,
Piara Waters, Roleystone, Seville Grove, and Wungong[/read]

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We provide full computer service including:[read more=Readmore less=Readless] downloading and installing updates, virus and malware check and removal. We can provide basic data recovery, operation system and manufacturer service software re-installation. In case of hard drive failure, we can provide data recovery and backup configuration. Physical cleaning inside and out, disinfect keyboard and screen.[/read]

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Bring in your equipment for repair, or we can go and collect from you.[read more=Readmore less=Readless] Sometimes a thorough and effective service takes at least a day. We aim to keep all your software and files operational as you had them before the fault occurred, for that, downloading and updating the system can take a couple of days for a computer that has not been updated for months or years. We charge eighty dollars regardless of reinstalling from scratch or going through the proper updates, so you do not lose much of your existing data and setup.[/read]

The main reasons for a computer brake down:

Software or hardware driver updates missing, hardware becoming faulty, operator error, physical damage.

Computer devices at home young couple sitting on the couch at home with smiling faces lap top on woman lapSetting up

Smart TV and media centres, Digital set-top boxes, Wireless networking: install and configure anything wireless and Bluetooth

Information and communication technologies,  Telephone systems, office technology, network and cabling problems

We at Armadale IT Support are passionate about information technology

Telephone line and ADSL service fault investigation and repair at your business or home.[read more=Readmore less=Readless]

Home automation systems setup, Digital system repair

NBN connection repair on premises with carrier fault investigation Written report to certify internal wiring fit for purpose[/read]

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We are Qualified Information Technology: Systems Administrators Network Administrators also Certified Information Technology Management experts