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In the service of the Armadale Community

Armadale IT Support

The meaning behind the name


Armadale IT Support is a registered business name that is also a serious mission statement!

IT stands for Information Technology so the full name expanded is Armadale Information Technology Support.

Let us clarify the meaning of the word information and the concept of information technology by reading the following sentences.


Definition of information noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary


  • information (on/about somebody/something) facts or details about somebody/something 
  • piece of information a source of information, to 
  • collect/gather/obtain/receive information, to 
  • provide/give/pass on information


The meaning of information technology by the Cambridge Dictionary:


information technology

( abbreviation IT)
the science and activity of using computers and software to store and send information:
The job title of the proprietor of Armadale IT Support is an ICT support specialist and the meaning of ICT as follows:

information and communication technology


abbreviation for information and communication technology: the use of computers and other electronic equipment and systems to collect, store, use, and send data electronically:
“ICT can improve transparency and accountability in government and private sector operations”

Our business provides computer repair and digital technology support for the local end-user community. In our vision, each and every household have access to meaningful support service to able to use and maintain a safe and up to date computing device.

However, we also understand that having the equipment without accessing relevant and up to date information regarding the local government community service resources and options is only part of the solution for feeling the connection and inclusion in the local community.

Isolation is a known carcinogen leading to many health and social-behavioural problems in our local community.

This blog page is aiming to be a source of the list of weblinks to clubs and community groups websites, so the reader can choose a suitable place to join and participate in work and recreation.

Unfortunately, most of the local clubs and community groups do not provide adequate information on their website about the operation of their organisation.

Providing relevant current and accurate information on-demand online over the internet is the most convenient and efficient way of information collection, storage and distribution.

Most clubs only have one contact person and when calling up or asking in person about membership information is usually leads to a conversation as follow:

Prospective member: could you please tell me the terms and conditions of joining the club particularly the joining fee and what the fee covers?

Club contact person: ask me what you would like to know and I tell you but for example, we have a base joining fee and additional fees for participating in the activities also for uniform and so on.

By denying or making it difficult  for the community to have online “on-demand” access to relevant current and accurate information, in my opinion, is a way of denying the right to inclusion as follows:

In relation to membership of a club, the anti-discrimination provisions are more extensive. It is generally unlawful to discriminate against a person on any prohibited ground in matters relating to:

  • a person’s application for membership;
  • the terms and conditions of which the club is prepared to admit the person to membership;
  • the general terms and conditions of membership;
  • access to benefits and facilities provided by the club.

This is discriminating against the whole of the community since the group of members who use the facility regularly do so to the exclusive benefits for their friends and families.

What is the community benefit of a club website that has very little relevant information for a prospective member?

Example one http://www.kelmscottroos.com/ versus Example two https://krsc.tidyhq.com/

Moreover considering a large amount of taxpayer’s money invested in the supplying state of the art facilities and maintenance services for the recreation of considerably fewer community members is a misappropriation of funds and is about to time to conduct a local government accountability review or inquiry.


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