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Diagnose computer, network and security issues

We offer you our free ScanCircle computer diagnosis, which checks your computer in 10-15 seconds for the most common problems. Nothing will be installed or changed on your computer and no personal data is retrieved. If you enter your e-mail address, we can contact you in case of serious computer problems.

This is a tested and licenced software tool subscribed by us to help our staff and clients, fast and easy to use, anonymous and safe.

You can begin the process by clicking on the Start scan button

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Free and open source antivirus software

Download the free open source antivirus software Clamwin

Read more useful information and find links on their website.

Testing your online security for internet hacking is a website and system penetration testing tool collection site that can save you a lot of money.

Their tools will help you test your online security for various security vulnerabilities. Run their tests on your IP address and website to find out if you have volnerabilities so you can fix them before the hackers find out.

By offering an automated service for a very reasonable price you can save on the initial testing regime of your online presence.

Repairing your computer yourself

Use the following advice as a guide only, no responsibility for any damage accepted.

We advise you always have the device repaired by trained professional and by the manufacturer or authorised repair centre especially if the equipment is still under warranty.

Repairing particular problems on a laptop computer might not be as complicated as one thinks. Given the right advice and ability to follow instructions with a willingness to learn could save you some money and provide a source of job satisfaction. It could be too expensive to have the device repaired in a shop, and we at Armadale IT Support want to reduce the cost of repairs dramatically to make it more affordable to the broader public.

The two main operational parts of a computer are hardware and software.

Note the fault symptoms if the device is not operational and use a working computer to search the internet for solution by entering fault symptoms to Google search page.If for example the laptop not turning on, search for the keywords “computer not turning on” and you will find instructions on how to troubleshoot in the first instance.

Software component repair

If the device turns on, boots up and connects to the internet, you can use it to diagnose the system itself for signs of defects.

To start your repair, you can go online and search for a free service to test your system without installing anything or change any settings on your device to do the troubleshooting.

For example, you can run Armadale IT Support’s Scancircle system scan

direct scan

Direct Scan landing page

You will be asked to download and run ( not installing ) a small ~180Kb program that collects system diagnosis results.

It takes about 20 seconds to collect system information that your operating system software provides for diagnosis.

Once the info collected from the computer, it is uploaded for processing and to create a comprehensive information list. The list is populated and made available on the website with links to solutions.

This is a powerful and time saving tool you can use to view Summary, Advice, Hardware, Software and Processes details in an easy to understand presentation.

computer scan results

system scan results



Repairing a computer hardware component

In case there is a problem with a hardware component that requires part replacement, and you want to have a go fixing it yourself, then read on.

Note the make and model number of your laptop and use the information to search for videos on YouTube how to disassemble your unit. Download the service manual if it is available for free so you have a step by step instruction of the sequences. Be careful with phishing sites only download from the manufacturer if possible.

For example, repairing liquid damage on a Toshiba L50D-B laptop, you will find Toshiba Satellite L50D-B laptop disassembly for keyboard replacement video.

Replacement of a liquid damaged keyboard

Where to find equipment model number

Once you identified the faulty hardware, note down the serial number and look for it on eBay. Search results will give you an indication of the price, and you can decide to order online or visit your local store to purchase.

finding spare parts for purchase

where to purchase spare parts

You are probably able to repair your laptop yourself. Buy a repair set that has the right size screwdriver bits and tools for taking your device apart. It should not cost more than thirty dollars, and you can use it for repairing other devices too. The set on the picture is from Jcar, an electronic hobby shop.

repari tool set

repair set for laptop tablet mobile phones


By now you would have an idea how difficult is to repair. If you decide on having someone else to do the job, find a local repair person or shop.

Keep those screws you take our in a box and read the disassembly instructions carefully or follow the steps shown in the youtube video. You should be able to find most of the information you need for the repair online.

If you take your computer apart without the step by step instructions manual, take photos how the unit looked before taking part. Helps you put it back together later when your part arrives.

If you are looking for a repair shop or engineer close to your location, enable your location data on your mobile smartphone, tablet or computer browser and Google will show you the closest to your current location.

Search for laptop repair + your location, for example, searching for “laptop repair Armadale WA” will return the results closest to you in Armadale. You can read the reviews of people who used each of the shown service providers listed.

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